Asset Management

The ReGenerate Difference

ReGenerate provides comprehensive facility management to optimize operating and financial performance. With an owner’s mindset driving every measure, we manage safe, compliant, reliable, cost-efficient, and high-performing plants and optimize them for continued growth.


Development, Construction, Due Diligence and Acquisition Management

Plant Operations & Management

Health & Safety, Environmental, Compliance Support and Stakeholder Management

Financial Optimization

Are You Operating Efficiently?

Inefficient operations in the power generating industry lead to a greater than 7.5% equivalent forced outage rate (EFOR) annually. These inefficiencies can be caused by myriad reasons, including poor risk assessment, lack of training or adequate procedures, not relying on analytics and suboptimal execution. The consequences are significant: Lost market opportunities; capacity market penalties; higher repair and maintenance expenses; acceleration of major maintenance intervals and associated expenses; and challenges with environmental and NERC compliance.

How We Can Help

Development, Construction, Due Diligence and Acquisition Period

Management of project from start to finish.

Engineering oversight

Management of project, including development period

Staffing and training of plant employees

Support startup and commissioning of systems

Retention of key personnel during times of acquisitions and transitions

Plant Operations & Management

Day-to-day facility operations and management.

Complete operations capability review

Daily facility operations and continuous optimization

Staffing and personnel support, including training, HR functions

Scheduled, preventive, and unscheduled maintenance

Day-ahead energy scheduling

Health & Safety, Environmental, Compliance Support and Stakeholder Management

Proven programs to ensure superior health, safety, and environmental compliance.

Safety training

Regulatory compliance support

Environmental attributes management

Technical and engineering support

Government, regulatory, and community affairs

Financial Optimization

Financial oversight and support to optimize operations.

Complete asset capability review

Development and implementation of a tailored Asset Optimization Program

ISO interface management

Capacity auctions

Transmission coordination

REC and energy trading

Hedge strategy and position management

Fuel supply management and procurement

Residue management

ReEnergy Livermore Falls Energy Facility

Choose One Partner to Maximize Performance

We invite you to learn the value of having one partner serve your entire plant environment: ReGenerate Asset Management has proven power plant expertise backed by decades of experience. We are not a caretaker — we are fully engaged in safe day-to-day operations, protecting people and continually improving, working with owners to develop key performance indicators. We will run your plant like it’s our own.

Our Greatest Power is Our People

The ReGenerate Asset Management team is seasoned and has expertise in optimizing the financial, environmental, and power performance of facilities that use a wide variety of fuels and technologies — combined cycle gas and dual fuel, biomass, and waste-to-energy, to name a few.

Experts at Every Project Scale

Whether you manage a small power plant or a large industrial facility, we understand the complexities of your business, from day-to-day facility operations and maintenance to execution of special large-scale projects. We remove complexities and inefficiencies from the equation and foster a productive working environment that fuels sustained growth.

We Know Power Plants Inside & Out

As your full-service partner providing seamless coordination, we can handle every part of the power plant business model, from operations to financials and energy marketing. A single contractor at your facility means seamless coordination, increased efficiency, and increased cost savings. When we need to scale up or add capabilities, we have an expansive network of high-quality experts, vendors, and partners.

Our Process is Efficiency-Driven

Fully engaged in safe day-to-day operations that protect people and the environment.

Passionate about cultivating a strong team culture that relies on collaboration as a core value.

Focused on continuous financial growth to realize strong cash flows through KPIs that are set with owners.

A single contractor to handle every part of the power plant life cycle — or your single-service needs.

Have strong experience in working with other contractors to support and achieve owner goals.

We Are Goal- and Metric-Driven

We set clear performance goals and our compensation is aligned with improved metrics and reduced risks.

We focus on key metrics that matter regarding operations, safety, financial performance and environmental performance.

We provide customizable dashboards that track goals and give a real-time view of performance.

We create customizable dashboards that assess real-time status of key safety, environmental, operations, and financial metrics, such as gross MWh, non-fuel VOM per MWh, R&M + CAPEX per MWh and startup gas usage.

Monitoring these data allow us to minimize risk and increase profitability.

Our Proven Track Record

ReGenerate Asset Management has a proven track record of improving performance, consistently reducing annual variable operations and maintenance costs. We are focused on improving efficiencies and performance across all metrics and we have demonstrated achievements in Key Performance Indicators that are superior to other owners and contract operators.


Average increase in boiler
availability and plant capacity


Continuously maintained
plant availability


Demonstrated improvement
in actual plant heat rates

See Our Success Firsthand

Black River Retrofit & Intertie Construction

ReGenerate’s management team acquired an idled 60-MW coal-fired power plant located inside the fence of the Fort Drum U.S. Army installation in northern New York and executed a major project to convert the facility to use biomass as its primary fuel.

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To convert an idled 60-MW coal-fired power plant located inside the fence of the Fort Drum U.S. Army installation in northern New York and executed a major project to use biomass as its primary fuel.


Converting the fuel yard to process biomass, installing a cooling tower to decrease the thermal footprint of the plant, installing larger ID fans and numerous upgrades to existing plant equipment.


As a result of ReGenerate management team’s efforts and continued management, the facility has achieved a 92% annual availability factor and has exceeded five years without a recordable injury or lost-time accident.

Green Forest

How to Get Started

The asset management experts at ReGenerate are standing by and are ready to discuss your unique needs, challenges and next steps.